Phone System is Down – Update

We are currently having technical difficulties with our phone carrier, due to a larger outage issue with their service. Fax line is still down.

In case of emergency please call , email, or visit if you need assistance. :

Main Phone: 717-846-6160 is now available

Phone: 717-848-2280


 625 E Philadelphia St.
York PA 17403

We apologize for any inconvenience.

El sistema del teléfono está fuera de servicio – Actualización
Actualmente estamos teniendo dificultades técnicas con nuestra compañía telefónica, debido a un problema de interrupción grande con su servicio. Nuestro numero principal 717-846-6160 no estará disponible hasta que solucionen el problema.

En caso de emergencia, llame, envíe un correo electrónico o visite si necesita ayuda a…

Teléfono: 717-848-2280

correo electrónico:

625 E Philadelphia St.
York PA 17403

Disculpen por cualquier inconveniente

Winter Weather Alert – School Closed

Greetings Helen Thackston Community! Due to ice and hazardous winter weather conditions, Helen Thackston Charter School will be closed today, February 7th. Please, Check our website for further updates. Be safe!

All After School Activities have been cancelled. Tonight’s Varsity Girls basketball game vs. Lincoln has been cancelled.



Late Dismissal

On Monday, February 5th, HTCS briefly went into a protocol that kept students detained from dismissing at regular time. This is a safety procedure when we are alerted to a possible threat in our neighborhood. At 3:15 the threat was cleared and students were dismissed. Thank you to YCSD police for keeping us informed and for their excellent communication.

Winter Weather Alert – Early Dismissal

Greetings Helen Thackston Community,

Due to the incliment weather warning, we will have an early dismissal at 11:30AM. All students will be given lunch before leaving the building. All After School Activities have been cancelled and the basketball games have been postponed.  Please call the main office with any student concerns.

Saludos comunidad Helen Thackston Charter School

Por razones del clima, estaremos despachando a los estudiantes a las 11:30 am. Se les estara dando un almuerzo de bolsa antes de salir de la escuela. Toda actividad programada por la tarde, esta cancelada y el juego de baloncesto asido pospuesto. Porfavor llamar a la oficina si tiene alguna pregunta. Gracias!


Winter Weather Report

Good morning Helen Thackston Family.  While we be starting at our normal time today January 16th, tardy’s will be excused until 10am for weather related incidents. Please check back for further updates.

Winter Weather Alert – School Closed

Greetings Helen Thackston Community, 

Due to below freezing temperatures and the school winter weather warnings, On Friday, January 5th, Helen Thackston Charter  will be closed. Please stay warm and safe.

Basketball Games for Saturday 1/6/18 are still scheduled. Please check back for further updates.

Saludos Comunidad Helen Thackston,
Debido a las temperaturas bajo cero y las advertencias del clima invernal de la escuela, el viernes, 5 de enero, se cerrará Helen Thackston Charter. Por favor mantente abrigado y seguro.

Los juegos de baloncesto para el sábado 1/6/18 todavía están programados. Por favor, vuelva para más actualizaciones.

Parent-Teacher Conferences


Thursday: November 9th is a 1/2 day for students with a 12:30 Dismissal

Friday:  November 10th there is no School for students

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held on Thursday, November 9th from 4:00PM-8:00PM and on Friday, November 10th from 8:00AM-12:00PM

Men in Literacy Day

From our Men in Literacy Day Wednesday October 4th 2017,  students celebrate in a picture with guest motivational speaker Mr.  Quinn Howard.

Other Guest Speakers included parents and community leaders, Damar Lopez, Michael Flack, Jemell “Casper” Hill, Phillip Drayden, George Yullie, Jerald Proctor Sr., Donavan Wright and Roy E. Jeeter.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviors


Helen Thackston Charter School
”A School of Homeland Security”

Consequences for Inappropriate Language / gestures / simulations

First Offense

Written warning to student and copied to parents.
(staff or administrator)

Second Offense

A detention after school assigned by a school administrator. (Staff may inform Administrator)

Third Offense

A Saturday detention assigned by a school administrator that has verified that this is a third offense and parents informed.

Fourth Offense

Three-day suspension or a $50.00 fine to be determined by parent after consulting with school administration

Fifth Offense

Student will be picked up by parent each and every violation after the three-day suspension or $25.00 fine.