Men in Literacy Day

From our Men in Literacy Day Wednesday October 4th 2017,  students celebrate in a picture with guest motivational speaker Mr.  Quinn Howard.

Other Guest Speakers included parents and community leaders, Damar Lopez, Michael Flack, Jemell “Casper” Hill, Phillip Drayden, George Yullie, Jerald Proctor Sr., Donavan Wright and Roy E. Jeeter.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviors


Helen Thackston Charter School
”A School of Homeland Security”

Consequences for Inappropriate Language / gestures / simulations

First Offense

Written warning to student and copied to parents.
(staff or administrator)

Second Offense

A detention after school assigned by a school administrator. (Staff may inform Administrator)

Third Offense

A Saturday detention assigned by a school administrator that has verified that this is a third offense and parents informed.

Fourth Offense

Three-day suspension or a $50.00 fine to be determined by parent after consulting with school administration

Fifth Offense

Student will be picked up by parent each and every violation after the three-day suspension or $25.00 fine.