Principal’s Message

Helen Thackston Charter School is proud to be a school fostering Homeland Security. This is not a single entity or limited to select careers but rather a career mindset that promotes giving of self and serving our community, state and nation. Our school encourages Service; giving to the greater good, Community; sharing of self and Partnerships within our local community. Our students are Patriots with Pride; this includes modeling our eight core values: Respect, Wisdom, Courage, Integrity, Responsibility, Compassion, Justice and Hope.

At the heart of our school culture is Service Learning, we create an educational environment that embraces the belief that all people matter and even young people can make a difference within their community. The Helen Thackston Community is actively believing in education’s power to make a difference in the lives of students, their families and the York City Community.

Join me in welcoming all of our students to the 2017-2018 school year and encouraging them on their educational pathway. Join me in welcoming our staff & faculty as they engage and motivate our young citizens on their service learning journey.

Melissa Achuff