BE – Believe in Education
Upcoming Events

May 2nd - PSSA Testing. All students are to report to school at normal time.

May 18th - Board Meeting; rescheduled from May 25th 2017 @ 6PM. Location: 625 E Philadelphia St York, PA 17403

May 24th - Senior Trip

May 25th - Graduation Practice - 9AM-11AM.

May 26th - Graduation Practice - 9AM-11AM.

May 26th - Graduation - 5PM (Doors open at 4:30).



Coming Soon!

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the New, Improved and Innovative Helen Thackston Charter School, where our mission is to make our educational program an Oasis of the community. Please remember, YOU are a member of a school community that embodies the creed of Thinking Outside of the Box. As such, our goal is to instill our vision, mission and school wide motto, -BE- BELIEVE in EDUCATION, within every aspect of our interaction, and collaboration. 

Our school Charter of Homeland Security emphasizes the care and protection of others. We are Patriots with Pride. For us, this requires every member of our school community modeling and living true to the essence of our eight core values, Respect – Wisdom – Courage – Integrity – Responsibility – Compassion – Justice – Hope -. At the heart of creating a school culture that cultivates a harmonious and caring learning environment is to embrace the belief that People Matter. Subsequently, Homeland Security is not an entity or limited to selected career fields or professions, but rather habits of mind associated with giving of self – Service; giving to the greater good – Community; and sharing of self – Partnership within a chosen career sector. So, join me as we embark upon an amazing journey. A journey to restore the fundamental ideal that education is a vehicle for paving great destiny in the lives of young people.

Believing in Education -BE- espouses high expectations for students. This starts with championing what matters to us. Our top priorities for the 2015/2016 school year are improved
Attendance, increased Performance, and enhanced Engagement. This applies to both students and staff. Esteemed preparation is a characteristic of highly effective schools and individuals. Prepare your imagination, creativity, mind and body for a memorable 2015/2016 school year.